Space for Personal Trainers Edmonton

Build Your Business at Capital City Athletics

Looking to build your personal training business with a like-minded team? Capital City Athletics has space for rent available for personal trainers.



How Does it Work?
Gain access to 5,000 square feet of space perfectly suited for you and your personal training clients. Get unlimited access to equipment.

Join our Team as a Personal Trainer:
Pay a flat rate of $750/month+GST. Your clients do not need to be a member or pay a drop-in fee.

The Space at Capital City Athletics

The Benefits

  • Central location in Oliver

  • Plenty of Free Parking. There are over 50 free, unmetered, parking spaces within 1 block of our location

  • Inviting community

  • Over 100 members

  • Simplify the training process and expand your reach by not requiring your clients purchase another gym membership.

The Space

  • 5,000 square feet

  • A complete 33’ rig with rings + 6’ x 3’ for trainer’s use

  • 20 barbells (10 35lbs, 10 45lbs)

  • A complete assortment of plates

  • 2 GHDs, 11 benches

  • Tires, Stones, Farmer’s Walk Handles, Battle Ropes

  • 10 wooden boxes

  • 25 wallballs, 38 kettlebells, 12 slam balls

  • 4 ropes

  • 6 Concept2 rowers

  • Large change rooms with 4 showers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the class schedule affect me and my clients?
During our class hours, we will provide you with a healthy section of the gym that is yours to use. All equipment is also open for your use. During off hours, you have complete 100% access to the gym space and all equipment.

When are my fees due?
Your fees are due the first of every month if prepaying for your space. If you have decided on the revenue split, we require a $500 deposit initially. Then your percentage fees are due the first of the month after your first month.

Why would I choose to build my business at Capital City Athletics?
There are several reasons you will prefer training in our space. First is privacy. During off hours, you will be with your client one-on-one without distraction. You may have to share the space with one or two others at a maximum. During our classes, you will be sharing the space with a dozen athletes, not 70. We’ve talked to many personal trainers in our time and many of them prefer a quieter, more inviting and open, experience for their clients. Never let your training plan go sideways again while you wait for dozens of others use the equipment you want and your client is paying for.

This sounds great, now what?

Book a meeting with our owner and head coach, Clayton, to chat and view the space. Contact us here.