Feats of Strength: May 12, 2018


Edmonton's Strength Competition in support of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women!

This StrongMan Style Event will feature #YEG's strongest men & women in a competition to see who's got the strength and stamina to support Alberta's only dedicated hospital for women! Besides the incredible athletes to entertain and amaze with their Feats of Strength- Edmonton's finest local artists will be displaying and selling their print art, all while locally sourced food and drink will be on offer.

Come on down for an epic evening of incredible friends, food and Feats of Strength for a great cause!

Public: Buy Tickets Here.

Thank you for purchasing tickets! Remember that a portion of ticket sales and merchandise proceeds goes to supporting the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. Public admission: $15 Early Bird, $20 Regular. Tickets will be available at the door. A small Event Brite service fee will be added on ticket total.

Events begin at Noon. Art show and food sale goes from Noon to 7PM.

Athletes Registration: Buy Entry Here.

Choose Male or Female Competitor option. 40 Athletes total. Winners will be provided amazing prizes! Athlete entry cost: $50+GST. A small Event Brite service fee will be added on ticket total.

Athlete Registration will begin at 11:00 AM (One hour before event start time).

All parking in the area is FREE.

Massive Shout Out To Our Amazing Sponsors!

2018 Events to Be Announced!

Take a look at the 2017 Events for an idea of the Competition.

Event # 1- Axle-Bar Clean + Press/Jerk

Athletes will have 6 mins to find a 1 RM

- Each Athlete will have an empty Axle-Bar and an assortment of Olympic Plates.  On the count of 3,2,1 GO, Athletes can begin loading the Bar.  Athletes can make as many lift/attempts as possible in the 6 mins.  Power clean, squat clean and muscle-cleans are all permitted as well athletes can use a switch-grip style clean if desired.  After the athlete has made a successful clean they will be given one attempt to achieve a successful jerk or press to get the bar overhead.  Any style of Press or Jerk is permitted.  Athletes must show control overhead, with hips, knees fully extended and arms locked out with the bar over the mid-line of the body.  Athletes must have feet in line, and must not drop the bar until the judge waives it off as successful lift.

Score:  Heaviest weight successfully lifted.
Partial points for heaviest clean.

Event # 2 - Stone-to-Peds (For time)

- On the count of 3,2,1 GO Athletes will have 2 mins to try and lift all the provided stones on top of the pedastals.  Stone weights will start lighter and increase in weight after each successive lift.  Pedestals will start taller and gradually become shorter as the Athlete reaches heavier stones.  If the Athlete is unable to lift all of the stones on to the peds, time will be recorded for the heaviest stone they successfully lifted.

Score: Time to complete all or as many lifts as possible.

Event # 3-  Tire-Flips- 2 mins AMRAP

On the count of 3,2,1 GO Athletes will have 2 mins to complete as many Tire flips as possible.  After each successful lift Athletes must walk or run to the opposite end of the tire to flip back.

Score: Most successful Tire-Flips in 2 mins.

Event # 4- Husafell Stone Carry (for max distance)

This is a classic event named after a famous stone in Husafell Iceland.  The original stone weighs over 400 LBS!  Don't worry ours won't be quite that heavy!

On the count of 3,2,1 go Athletes will have 2 mins to pick up the stone and walk with it for max distance.  Athletes will walk around 2 distant markers, one at each end.  As soon as the Athlete drops the stone the event is over and the max distance they traveled will be recorded.  5 FT markers will be set, and athletes must pass a marker for that distance to count.  Meaning if the athlete is halfway between 2 distant markers and drops the stone, only the distant to most recently past marker will count.

Event # 5 - Dead-lift ladder.

An assortment of barbells will be loaded starting from lightest to heaviest.  On 3,2,1 GO Athletes will have 30 seconds at each weight to make a successful lift.  Athletes can make as many attempts as possible in the 30 second time span.  Only successful lifts under the cap will count.  Athletes must stand all the way up, legs and hips must be fully extended with the shoulders behind the bar.  Dropping the bar is permitted only after the judge has waived it off as a good lift.

Switch-grip or overhand grip permitted, lifting straps are not permitted.

Get ready for some seriously exciting StrongMan, StrongWoman action at Feats of Strength this year!!!!