Beginner Fundamentals Workshop

Group Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals program runs for 2 weeks starting Tuesdays, 6 Classes Total. Each class is one hour long.

Price: $100+GST ($105.00 All-In). Upcoming CrossFit Fundamentals begins September 24, 2019.

Week One
Tuesday, 6:30PM
Thursday, 6:30PM
Saturday, 11:00AM

Week Two
Tuesday, 6:30PM
Thursday, 6:30PM
Saturday, 11:00AM

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Private Fundamentals

Want some one-on-one time with a coach or can’t make the group fundamentals sessions? Choose Private Fundamentals and get started on your fitness journey. This course will cover the basic fundamentals of CrossFit only tailored to you.

$240 + GST for Private Fundamentals. This one-on-one coaching will take 3 hours and can be split up depending on your schedule. Contact us today to discuss your schedule and fitness goals. Don’t be shy!


If you purchase a monthly continuous membership before the end of Fundamentals, we will credit you $50 on your first month! This package must be purchased on or before the last class of your fundamentals program.


Are you interested in trying CrossFit but nervous about getting started?  Our Beginner Fundamental Workshop at Capital City Athletics is a perfect way to get your foot in the door and ease your way into this functional approach to training. The workshop will focus on the 9 basic movements of CrossFit as well a few additional exercise movements we regularly perform at Capital City Athletics.. You will learn the techniques required to complete these movements properly and safely as well the progressions to help you excel and move more proficiently. It's a great way to get started!

Class Structure

What will the Workshop be like? We will cover the 9 basic movements of CrossFit plus a few bonus movements.

  1. Air Squat - This is an unweighted squat where you just stand in an athletic position and squat.

  2. Back Squat and Front Squat - Now we add a lightweight PVC pipe, or a barbell and you'll learn the technique to safely squat with a barbell behind your neck or on the front of your shoulders.

  3. Overhead Squat - An overhead squat is where you take a wider grip and straighten your arms above your head while you squat. This is definitely a tricky movement, so expect this to be difficult for first-timers! But, that's ok, that's why we're doing this in our fundamentals class. We all have to start somewhere.

  4. Shoulder Press - This is where you press a weight from your shoulders to above your head. Like putting away your heavy mixing bowl into the top shelf of your cupboard.

  5. Push Press - A continuation of the Shoulder Press, we now engage our legs to give ourselves a little added power to the lift.

  6. Push Jerk - We're really getting going here with the third variation of the Shoulder Press. You've now learned how to press a barbell or PVC pipe overhead, you've learned how to use your legs to help drive that weight up. Now, we add a small knee dip to catch the barbell or PVC pipe in a lower position. Then you just stand up!

  7. Deadlift - The weight starts on the ground and you bend over with your torso and legs and pick up the barbell. This is the same movement you would use to pick up a box.

  8. Sumo Deadlift High Pull - A continuation of the deadlift, once the barbell reaches about mid thigh, you continue to pull the barbell close to your shoulders.

  9. Medicine Ball Clean - We all choose a lightweight medicine ball, anywhere between 8 and 20 pounds and we teach you the most efficient and safe way to pick the ball off the ground and then 'clean' it to chest level.

Once we complete the 9 basic movements of CrossFit, we will spend a little time learning some other fun movements you can expect at Capital City Athletics in Edmonton. 

How Many Students Per Class?

We limit the class to 8 athletes. Typically, we have 4-6 students in each fundamentals class.

What Happens Next?

So you've graduated from our Fundamentals Workshop. Now what? Great question. We then invite you to join our regular stream of CrossFit classes. Yes, we know, you're still nervous about everything! That's completely expected. Every CrossFit class is instructor led and he or she will be there to help you along the way. There's no need to be worried. We've all been there! We've all been the newest person in a CrossFit class at some point in our life!

I'm in! Now What?

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I still have questions. Can I speak to someone?

Yes of course! You can view our contact information here. Or you can fill out the following form and a coach will get back to you ASAP.

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