B.J. Shares Her Weight Loss & Strength Journey

So you think you know about CrossFit…

Well, I had the benefit of not knowing anything about CrossFit in the spring of 2015 when I was searching for an option to take my physical activity to a higher level.  I wanted to lose some lingering post-accident/post-surgery weight and generally become a healthier person.  I’ve donated my share of cash towards typical gyms through the years, all without any results or consistency.  So this time around, I called some personal trainers.  The expense was beyond my means and I also doubted that I would do any ‘homework’ between sessions to continue any progress.  Then in my favorite downtown neighborhood I noticed a new gym – Capital City Athletics CrossFit.  One call and my journey began.

Intimidating?  To a 43-year-old chubby girl…you bet.
Welcoming?  Totally.
Challenging?  Completely.

Three months later, 20 pounds were lost and I was hooked.  For real.

Here's a Before/After of me after I decided enough was enough.

Here's a Before/After of me after I decided enough was enough.

Looking beyond the fun addiction and the quick summary of the past year, in all seriousness this is what discovering CrossFit did for me. 

Joining CCA put me in classes that were capped in size, allowing personal attention and coaching.  Proper form is absolutely key and the coaches know their stuff.  Proper form protects the body and allows weight to be lifted easier.  They corrected my form and movements, encouraging me to do what I can and push me to do just a bit more each time.  A couple more reps, a bit more weight – trust my body instead of talking myself out of trying for more.  

"This is about what my body can do."

Scaling the workouts is acceptable but having goals is important too.  You will only see progress when you push yourself.  My constant mantra is still that I am competing only with myself.  This is about me.  This is about what my body can do.  Comparisons to how much others are lifting are useless.  I look at what others are doing to learn more about form and to be inspired.  One day I’ll do it too.

CrossFit is about lifting weights but it’s also about cardio and functional movements.  It’s about total body movements.  You don’t realize you’re working your whole body but one day there’s a new movement in the workout that you haven’t done before.  But it’s ok, you do it and you’re pleasantly surprised that it was a lot easier than you thought!  That’s functional movement and it is really cool.

"Some people think you need to be fit before joining CrossFit."

Some people think you need to be fit before joining CrossFit.  I definitely wasn’t.  CrossFit helped me find my fit.  The hardest part about CrossFit is just showing up, just getting in that door.  Once I get there, I just do what the coach tells me to do.  Ok, that might have been the hardest part…I tried to ‘negotiate’ every workout!  I follow their instructions, their guidance, to get the best workout possible.  I feel great and then I want to do it again.  Show up for the next class and do it again.  Easy, right?  You bet!  These days, it’s sometimes twice a day.

The other thing I quickly realized about CrossFit is that you can’t judge anyone.  The community is comprised of people of all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, every character imaginable.  They’re all there to do their thing and support me.  So I’m there to do my thing and support them.  It was a great day when I wasn’t the newest one in class, when I was able to welcome someone to the gym.   I share my story to encourage them.

So until you walk in CCA’s door and give it a go with a truly open mind, maybe for more than a few classes to really get into the groove, you probably don’t really know about CrossFit.  It is different for everyone, but instead of listening only to the random stories, come give it a try for yourself to really understand and feel the amazing support of the community.

See you at the next WOD! –B.J.

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