In-House Competition

In-House Competition 2016

Workout 1 – One-Rep Max Clean (Power Clean Accepted) – 6 Minute Time Cap

Max clean or Power Clean

This is a classic lift. The weight starts from the floor and you must lift it into a front rack position with hips fully extended. Must show control at the top. The barbell will start unloaded and there will be a variety of weights at each station. You must begin loading the barbell after the clock starts. Make sure you and your judge have agreed on the weight before each lift.

Workout 2 – Dr. Frankenstein – 12 Minute Time Cap


At the bottom, the athlete’s head makes contact with the ground. If the head and hands are on different surfaces, the surfaces must be level. We will be using 25lb plates if you choose to use an abmat. You may also use a large mat. The feet do not need to remain in contact with the wall for the entire movement, but must touch the wall at the beginning and end of each rep. Kipping is allowed.

A special request has been made for athletes wanting to enter RX but need a little help due to the volume of the HSPUs. We are happy to accommodate any athletes wanting to push themselves! We are allowing up to two stacked ab mats without plates. However, the athlete must still show contact with the mats at the bottom of the repetition and full extension at the top. Using stacked mats will place an athlete below other athletes completing this workout as prescribed in scoring.


The bar must make contact with the shoulders at the bottom of each repetition and the athlete must extend their arms fully at the top of the repetition.

Pistol Squats

The athlete’s hip crease must fall below the knee on the downward portion. During the upward position, the athlete must show control. Any jumping or falling at the top of the repetition will not be counted. Extended leg cannot make contact with ground. Athletes must alternate legs.

Pistol Squats to Bench

The athlete will squat on a single leg until their bottom hits the bench. They will then stand up with control. Any jumping or falling at the top of the repetition will not be counted. Athletes must alternate legs.


The athlete’s toes must make clear contact with the bar and the legs must extend fully at the bottom of the repetition with your legs breaking the vertical plane.

Knee Raises

The athlete’s knees must be above the hip crease and the legs must be fully extended at the bottom of the movement.

Jumping Pull-Ups

During setup, the athlete’s head must be 6 inches below the bar. Please select a variety of boxes and plates to accommodate your height. At the bottom of the repetition, the athlete must have arms fully extended. At the top, the athlete’s chin must surpass the bar.

Ring Muscle-Ups

The athlete must show full arm extension at the top of the muscle-up as well as the bottom.

Workout 3 – The Grim – 10 Minute Time Cap

Hang Power Cleans

The elbows must clearly pass the vertical line of the bar at the top of each repetition and the bar must return to the hang position with fully extended arms at the bottom.

Power Snatches

The barbell must touch the ground on each repetition and the arms must be fully extended at the top with control shown.


The athlete must break parallel at the bottom of the repetition and show full, and controlled extension at the top.

Rope Climbs

The athletes are allowed to jump to begin their rope climb and are allowed to use their legs to assist. They must touch the top beam of the rig. The athlete must then show control lowering themselves until they can safely jump down from the rope.

Bar Over Burpees

The repetition begins by the athlete lowering themselves until their chest contacts the ground. They must then jump with two feet and land with two feet over the bar. The hips do not have to be fully extended and the arms do not have to be raised above their heads.